New research shows that 10% of dog owners have trouble with sleeping because of their pets. This result raised the question of whether to leave the dogs in the bedroom. Read more details:

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Orange peels instead of mosquito repellent

Everybody hates mosquitos. If you also want to get rid of pesky mosquitoes, you can try some home methods that will both scare them and that will not poison you and your family. Learn more details:

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The best floor cleaning tipsIt does not matter if you have marble, granite or vinyl flooring, you have to take proper care of it if you want to preserve its gloss for the years to come. We have mentioned “proper care” in the previous sentence for a reason. You cannot grab a bottle of multi-purpose cleaner and pretend to do an effective floor polishing procedure. Namely the proper maintenance is the key to make your floor look great:

  • Before settling for a certain flooring material, you have to conduct a thorough research but most of all, you have to determine if you will need a professional commercial cleaning company to do the ... Read more »
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Morocco style in interior attracts love and romance

If you furnish your home in the Eastern style also known as Morocco, you will attract the energies of love and mystery. Experts say that this design suits artistic natures. Here are more details:

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Disposal of garbage, washing dishes and dusting - it is not everything when it comes to cleaning the house. It is important to clear the negative energy too. And note that the mop will not help for that. It's so nice when you wash the floor, opening windows and enjoy the fresh air. But if you want to do and emotional purge of your home, you'll need a lot more. First you need to find sources of ... Read more »

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Wonderful commercial cleaning tips

Everybody wants to work in impeccable commercial area. No matter if you only sit behind your desk and type some texts or you are lawyer or accountant - office place must spick and span. Every manager should hire professional and reliable commercial cleaning company. Certified and well-trained office cleaners follow a certain routine. In addition they will bring their professional equipment and even detergents. If you ... Read more »

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How to consolidate your positions in every company - 5 rules

Often the issue of approval and consolidation concerns more communication and adaptation in the team than professional qualities. Surely many of you can give the example of a colleague, who despite missing the necessary professional qualifications is recognized in their work, thanks to their personal ones. So how you can achieve that in your work too?

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Being a friend with your teen kid is not hard!

You don`t have to be a psychologist to realize how harsh communication with a teenage kid can be. Moreover – if you share one house with a teenager, you are probably already living in a hell...Love and respect have nothing to do here. On the contrary – you might be a good parent and your kid may be a great and kind child, but the trap between adults above 30s and a teenager from 21 ... Read more »

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What do you know about Mediterranean lifestyle? Keep in mind, that this is not only a treasury of divine beaches, myths and azure shores. This is a wonderful region with its own principles, traditions and eating habits for which modern scientists claim to have very healthy effect on the body. The menu of Mediterranean people will keep you in perfect condition. It will also rejuvenate you. It may bring down your cholesterol and improve ... Read more »

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Juices contain more sugar than sodas

Most people think that, it is much healthier to drink juices, that are available in stores, rather than fizzy drinks. Perhaps the reason is because these juices are also called "natural" or only "fruit". Probably this leads us to believe they are healthier (if not healthy, at least considerably less noxious, unlike any carbonated beverages). Maybe none of us ... Read more »

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