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Letting your pet in your bed - good or bad idea

New research shows that 10% of dog owners have trouble with sleeping because of their pets. This result raised the question of whether to leave the dogs in the bedroom. Read more details:

  • According to the study sharing your bed with your pet hides risks that are not negligible.

  • Researchers say that the transmission of diseases between dogs and their owners, although it is rare, it happens. Nearly 60% of all human pathogens are transmitted from animal and 100 of nearly 250 diseases come from domesticated pet.

  • Experts warn that young children, old people and patients with compromised immune systems are most vulnerable to disease spread by domestic animals.

  • Many dog owners say it is quite normal for their dog to be allowed to enter in the bedroom, and 62% of British say that they even sleep every night with their pet. This according to experts is not very advisable as you may develop allergies and restless sleep of the animal would embarrass you while you sleep and over time it may bring you insomnia.

  • If you are from the people who sleep with their pet in bed, it’s necessary to take some preventive measures: you should spray a detergent to prevent adverse reactions. Don’t forget about professional carpet cleaning Hampstead too - it’s mandatory when you have a furry fellow.

  • Yet the majority of experts are united around the idea that dogs have no place in the bedroom and in your bed, because of allergies, which can also cause sleep disorders.

  • Teach your pets to sleep in a separate room, as they create the habit of going to bed at a certain time.

  • If the dog gets used to sleep in your bedroom, unteaching will be very difficult and slow, but be patient and keep it away from your bed.

  • In case of moving out, be very persistent in carpet cleaning Hampstead or hire the local professionals to remove all the traces from your pet!


Do you have a dog or cat and do you let it sleep in your bed? Share with us pros and cons!

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