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Morocco style in interior attracts love and romance

Morocco style in interior attracts love and romance

If you furnish your home in the Eastern style also known as Morocco, you will attract the energies of love and mystery. Experts say that this design suits artistic natures. Here are more details:

  • Interior designers also say the elegance of Eastern art will bring more space and charm of your home. Typical colors for this style are ocher, emerald green, bright blue, gold and red.

  • Between the floor and walls you need to create a strong contrast. This can be achieved through the tile, which has various ornaments. The walls must be combined with the basic color of the floor.

  • Morocco style pays special attention to the ceilings. The ceiling must be a work of art - magnificently painted or decorated with various wooden ornaments and frescoes. Appropriate materials are eucalyptus, oleander and cedar.

  • Unlike European style where furniture like wardrobes and cupboards are typical, in the interior style of Morocco they are replaced by niches. Instead of traditional cabinets in the rooms you can put chests with which to create an authentic atmosphere of a fairy tale and Arabian nights.

  • The furniture in this design is made mostly of dark trees, as they present a beautiful carving. The sofas and chairs must be decorated with numerous small multicolored pillows. You may hire professional domestic cleaners Southampton to help you with cleaning of all these elements.

  • The carpets are also a key focus if you choose to furnish your home in the Arab style. Besides that they must be present in every room, they must be no less lavish than ceilings. Carpets create comfort, warmth and softness in the rooms. You know that professional carpet cleaning Southampton is also recommended every once in a while.

  • Natural fibers are typical for furnishing. This also applies to vessels in the kitchen. Moroccans use spoons and forks that are made of clay and wood.

Large candlesticks, vases and hookahs ideally complement this style. For a perfect finish, you can put a vase with large red flowers or you may put a lemon tree.

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