How to find air leaks at home using a candle?Usually we realise the importance of keeping our home air leaks-free when it’s too late – the heating bills have arrived and you are not happy with the amount you owe. Another possible still unpleasant situation – it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you woke up because you were freezing. In both cases, now you know one thing for sure – you should get rid of any air leaks at your home. Check your windows using a candle – read on to see how. ... Read more »

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Should you keep your toiletries in your dorm room?According to many people, going to a college is one of the most unforgettable memories in their entire life. College is the place where you meet new friends, you have the freedom to go wherever you like without being “supervised” by your parents. You successfully balance between studying and going out with your new friends and all that seems like a dream came true. However, things do not seem too bright if you live in a dorm. Speaking of the hygiene in particular, dorms ... Read more »

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Why keeping your kitchen trash can clean is essentialIt is well-known that the kitchen trash can is one of the dirtiest items around every house. Not only it is dirty but every time you open the lid to throw away something unpleasant odors may  occur, turning the kitchen in a nightmare for every diligent housewife. If your trash can is not well-kept it can accommodate a lot of germs and bacteria which will spread around your home. Read on and see how to clean your kitchen trash can properly.


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Maintaining your home spick and span is a challenging task, especially if you have a full-time job, kids and pets to look after. Of course, if you are committed to maintaining the ideal cleanliness at home, you probably don’t spare time or efforts to achieve that but things get complicated if you have to deal with unpleasant odours. The cleaning detergents you use serve as a temporary solution, so you have to take more serious actions in that direction. Read on and get familiar with the best tricks for removing home odo ... Read more »

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You have finally found your dream house and you are impatient to move in and enjoy all the conveniences you will have at your disposal? Well, moving to a new place is definitely an exciting adventure but along with the excitement, it goes hand in hand with some responsibilities. Moving out of your current place of residence requires from you to deal with several important things. Before you even think about stocki ... Read more »

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Rag that can change the way you clean your home

Are you sick and tired of buying tons of expensive, useless cleaning detergents that cannot clean the most stubborn stains around the house? You probably are. However you realize the importance of keeping your house spick and span, so you don’t spare time, money and efforts and do your best to keep the entire household in a perfect condition. Well, there is a solution to your cleaning is ... Read more »

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Instead of replacing your carpet or spending a whole day sanitising it, try to use professional cleaning services to extend its life and save some time and money. Twice a year, usually every housewife runs thorough cleaning at home. Why not combine it with disinfecting your carpets? 

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Roommate who never cleans

If your roommate is too messy, then it probably causes you lots of trouble. After all, it is not nice to be the only one who cleans at home! You have to change the situation. Don't act aggressively, but think about ways to persuade your roommate to start caring of the property.


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4 amazing advantages to live in a Victorian houseVictorian style house is not for everyone. First of all, you have to be prepared to pay a lot of money to purchase one and to be ready to pay high maintenance prices. Of course, if money is not an issue for you and you like Victorian style estates, then you can go ahead and buy one. Here are the advantages of these incredible buildings.

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The air in your home can be full of various harmful substances that your lungs take each day and they are forced to filter it to let you breathe. Check out these shocking facts:

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