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Being a friend with your teen kid is not hard!

Being a friend with your teen kid is not hard!

You don`t have to be a psychologist to realize how harsh communication with a teenage kid can be. Moreover – if you share one house with a teenager, you are probably already living in a hell...Love and respect have nothing to do here. On the contrary – you might be a good parent and your kid may be a great and kind child, but the trap between adults above 30s and a teenager from 21st century is huge. The point here is to become a friend with your teen kid. And there are proper ways to do so:

  • Don't push your kid to share, share and share...Yes, we are completely sure that you are curious about your son's first love and worried about your teenage girl`s quarrels with her friends, but wait for your kid to want to share with you. The more you ask, the less she or he will want to come to you with a secret.

  • Help your child. Just like you did need help for the Croydon end of tenancy cleaning procedure, your kid might need some help for shopping, assistance in choosing books or a school to apply and etc.

  • Do not underestimate, but do not overestimate, either! What we mean is that the golden mean is being realistic. Yes, there isn't more beautiful girl than your daughter, but keeping saying it to her might not be very healthy – especially during the hormone explosion during puberty.

  • Try to be teen and young, too! Dear parents, get out of your shell and stop thinking that the whole world depends on Croydon carpet cleaning, the repair of the car and the dream to move into a bigger house. These are things from grown-ups` world and teens will not like to communicate with you, if you speak only about them!

Last, but not least, the most important thing is to remain supportive and caring. Being a friend with your kid is good, but first of all you are a parent, though!

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