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Minus three kilograms with Mediterranean diet - absolutely feasible

What do you know about Mediterranean lifestyle? Keep in mind, that this is not only a treasury of divine beaches, myths and azure shores. This is a wonderful region with its own principles, traditions and eating habits for which modern scientists claim to have very healthy effect on the body. The menu of Mediterranean people will keep you in perfect condition. It will also rejuvenate you. It may bring down your cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular system. You will be also slimmer and more beautiful. Moreover, if you follow a strict diet regime you will lose 3 pounds each week, it’s guaranteed. Check out the basic principles of the Mediterranean diet and decide if you will take the challenge:

  • Let’s start with olive oil! It is always present in the menu of Mediterranean people. Everybody knows that, even your Chiswick end of tenancy cleaning experts. They also use it for cooking and salads.

  • When it comes to carbohydrates, they are present in the form of pasta, but from wholegrain flour.

  • Regular intake of fish and seafood (lobster, shrimp, squid, mussels) is mandatory. Lean meat is not ignored, but portions should not be larger than 100 grams.

  • What about bakery products? They are often accompanied by honey, whose health benefits have been proven a long ago.

  • Every day, you have to eat fruit, but be careful to choose low-calorie, such as kiwi, for example. The recommended amount is no more than one kilogram. Olives are super healthy too, don’t ignore them. They can be both green and black. Bear in mind, that olives are rich in useful vegetable fat, pectin, vitamins A, C, E and protein.

  • Do not consume sugar and products which contain it. Perhaps it will be a real challenge, but you have to try.

  • Let’s not forget the glass of high-quality red wine! It is important  - the recommended quantity is one per day. Be careful not to spill it on your rug, because you will need professional Chelsea carpet cleaning service in order to get rid of the stains.

Well, are you ready to start your Mediterranean diet? It will be healthy and beneficial for you.  

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