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Orange peels instead of mosquito repellent

Orange peels instead of mosquito repellent

Everybody hates mosquitos. If you also want to get rid of pesky mosquitoes, you can try some home methods that will both scare them and that will not poison you and your family. Learn more details:

  • The easiest option is to just plant basil and to put the pot on the terrace. Other plants that intruders like mosquitos do not like are calendula and rosemary.

  • You can also use the well-known essential oils that will not only chase flying insects, but will bring additional comfort in your home. Particularly useful in the fight against annoying insects are geranium, lavender and cloves - it is enough to disperse the scent of one of these oils in your home. Your end of tenancy cleaners Clapham will be surprised if they find such wonderful aroma in your dwelling.

  • Mosquitoes do not like citrus flavor too - you can get a few lemons and several cloves. Cut the lemons in half and drop the spice in the lemons. Leave the fruit in a dish and put it at home or in the garden.

  • Other odor that mosquitoes hate is those of orange. Fortunately, we can buy oranges all year round - you need just the peels of the fruit. They will persecute not only annoying mosquitoes, but flies and even ants. Citric acid, which is located therein, is irritating insects and repels them.

  • Orange peels can be used for other purposes in your home. You can prepare freshener with citrus flavor - just boil peels in water, if you love cinnamon stick, you can add the spice. You can also spray some of this freshener on your carpet after you finish with the deep carpet cleaning Clapham.

  • Orange peel can be used to freshen the refrigerator - if you put products without tucking them in an envelope, refrigerator begins to smell unpleasant.

Isn’t it very nice to get rid of annoying mosquitos? Their bites are so disgusting, so don’t miss to apply our tricks and to chase these insects away from your home or garden.

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