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How to clean your home from the negative energy?

Disposal of garbage, washing dishes and dusting - it is not everything when it comes to cleaning the house. It is important to clear the negative energy too. And note that the mop will not help for that. It's so nice when you wash the floor, opening windows and enjoy the fresh air. But if you want to do and emotional purge of your home, you'll need a lot more. First you need to find sources of positive energy in the home. Here's how to act according to the rules of feng shui:

  • Perform traditional cleaning of the house. This includes the routine household chores like carpet cleaning Fulham, dusting, mopping the floors.

  • Open all windows and doors to invite fresh air in. Thus you will enrich the indoor air with oxygen and you will get rid of bad smells.

  • Perhaps you have lots of pictures on the walls. Remove all pictures where you do not like yourself or which are connected with bad memories.

  • Get rid of dying or already wilted plants. In practice, they are like mummies. And if yesterday while the plants were alive they carried positive energy at home, when already wilted they do the opposite. In place of the dead flowers put a vase with fresh or potted.

  • Lighting a scented candle or aromatic oils is a great idea.

  • Put some inspiring music on.

  • Say a prayer. Its power is amazing.

  • Arrange all items to their appropriate places. Do not allow items at home to be scattered. The local post tenancy cleaners Bromley will give you the same advice.

  • In the East very important role for household cleaning plays water. Add five pieces of orange peel in a bowl with fresh water. Go through the house in a clockwise direction, starting from the front door and spray water everywhere - from the roof to the foundation.

Some of these rituals may seem funny to you, but they are proven to be efficient.

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