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How to consolidate your positions in every company - 5 rules

How to consolidate your positions in every company - 5 rules

Often the issue of approval and consolidation concerns more communication and adaptation in the team than professional qualities. Surely many of you can give the example of a colleague, who despite missing the necessary professional qualifications is recognized in their work, thanks to their personal ones. So how you can achieve that in your work too?

  • Attractive appearance. It’s clear, that men perceive information better visually. And women appreciate people primarily in their appearance. So if you want to appeal to most people in the company, then you should try to look good. Clothes and shoes you wear must always be clean. Makeup and hairstyle are mandatory, flawless nails. These are basic things that create the main impression of you in your workplace. For people with uniforms such as end of tenancy cleaners Southampton, this is also valid.

  • Learn what the interests of others are. People always want to talk for themselves. Try to be interested (possibly sincerely) of the people who you work with. Ask about their problems and desires. Have conversations on topics that concern them. If you really want to establish yourself in this company, you need to show people how important they are for you.

  • Do not lose yourself trying to achieve your goals. The most important thing is to stay honest to yourself. Strong and completed personalities are always appealing and attract the attention of others. Keep in mind the interests of others, but do not forget about yours. Be interested in the opinion of others, but always keep your own too. Learn to compromise, but do not obey unconditionally to the decisions of others. In your interactions with other members of the team you should always mark the boundaries of personality clearly. If you want to establish yourself in the company you should always know what you want, what you need and how to get it. No matter if you work in Southampton domestic cleaning company or a bank, this rule is very important.

  • Learn to treat everybody with sense of humor. And above all - you have to know how to laugh at yourself intelligently. Do not be afraid to make a mistake or to do something "wrong". Of course, no one wants you to become a clown. Treat the situation adequately and remember that nothing human is alien to you and that you are far from an ideal.

  • Be interesting and valuable. You should be a person that is interesting and useful to talk with. If you are interesting to others, you will always affirm your positions in the workplace and you will be popular among the members of the team.

No matter how easy all this sounds, do not forget that proficiency and expert skills are what matter at most. Try to improve yourself and to learn new things.

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