Unexpected Uses of Milk

Milk may come in handy not only in cooking and baking. It is great for beauty and home care as well. Milk is an inexpensive alternative to some aggressive cleaning agents and you can apply it whenever you need to. Check out these clever and unexpected uses of milk:


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How to Tell Your Roommate When Something Bothers You Without Upsetting Them?Living with other people is an important part of student life. However, the attempts to get used to the habits of others can be quite frustrating. How to tell your roommate if anything bothers you without upsetting him or her? Here are the most common problems that may arise and some ideas how to solve them:


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How to Keep Your Pet Busy while You Are Away for the DayEvery pet owner regards his or her cat or dog as a family member. We get worried when our furry friend is sick and when we are out of town for a couple of days, we keep calling the person we asked to take care of our pet just to make sure everything is alright. Admit is that when you are at work, you think of your pet and wonder what is he doing right now. He is probably up to yet another mischief or maybe he is soundly sleeping at his favourite spot on the sofa. If you want ... Read more »

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How to Deal with Cigarette Smell at Home?

Smoking is definitely a terrible habit and you can hardly find any advantage it brings. Quite the opposite, it has been scientifically proven that cigarettes contain tons of harmful substances that pose a huge threat to smoker’s health and those who inhale the smoke. Yet, quitting the bad habit is difficult. As Mark Twain says: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know be ... Read more »

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Weekends always seem to be the alluring resort that everyone is looking forward to after a long exhausting week at work. However, when Friday is around the corner and the weekend is just a day away, many people don`t organise their time the right way and end up in the same miserable Monday mood on Sunday night. Weekends are meant to be fun and leave you energised but if you fail to combine your responsibilities with some entertainment you will neither do your household chores nor be fresh for the upcoming week. Read on and read our tips that can help y ... Read more »

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Why should you wear an apron when performing your household chores If cooking is among your favourite activities, then you know that sometimes it can get very messy. After you are done with the prepari ... Read more »

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Invite Spring in your house – decorating tips for a flowery mood!Spring is here and now is the right time to start thinking about some colourful updates you can do to bring some freshness at home! There are a lot of ways to transform your home for more Spring-welcoming atmosphere – use colourful paint, bright accents and of course, fresh flowers! Read on and check these ideas – you will definitely find some inspiration to take up to a project that will get you in the mood for Spring!

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How to clean rust from anywhere

Rust is the nightmare of every household. It seems to appear out of nowhere and not only rust stains are ugly but they are really stubborn. When dealing with rust a lot of people intuitively grab chlorine bleach but this is absolutely irrational as it will just make the spot worse – it can actually set it. However, removing rust is not an insurmountable task and by considering well the surface you are treating you ca ... Read more »

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How to remove hair dye stains from almost everything

No matter how carefully you dye your hair and try not to make any messes, hair dye stains seem to appear every single time. The list of the 'threatened' surfaces is long – sinks, counter-tops, floors and walls. However, if you act immediately and use these proven techniques you will succeed in cleaning the mess and no one will ever know some hair dye spot was there. Be e ... Read more »

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How to buy furniture

Furniture is probably the most important part of the interior of any household. Your comfort, health and productivity depend on the right choice of furniture. These factors can make furniture shopping quite difficult and challenging. Well, there is no need to worry because we got you covered with these helpful suggestions.

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