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Roommate who never cleans – what to do?

Roommate who never cleans

If your roommate is too messy, then it probably causes you lots of trouble. After all, it is not nice to be the only one who cleans at home! You have to change the situation. Don't act aggressively, but think about ways to persuade your roommate to start caring of the property.


Check out our tips:


  • Do not pick fights or arguments! This will cause even more tension and nothing good will happen in the end. Instead, think about how to raise the issue politely. The untidiness of your roommate may be something temporary, which is a result of stress. Consider this factor and the first step to take should be inviting someone else in the tenement. He or she will help you understand if you overreact or not.


  • If the problem is real, then you should talk to your roommate in an appropriate time, just the two of you. Show him or her the dirty dishes, for example. Tell him or her that he/she should clean them this time because you have done it the previous time. Explain that as much as he or she is tired of work, studying, etc., you are also in the same position. Your obligations at home should be equal.


  • This is an embarrassing topic, so you must be very understanding. Whatever you say keep it general, don't blame your roommate for everything. Talk about the consequences of living with mess, such as bad odors and bugs. Be careful that you don't seem to criticize the person in front of you – stay calm and factual.


  • Talk about the rooms separately. Discuss what should be done in each of them weekly or daily. For instance, you can run carpet cleaning Southampton on a weekly basis. Removing dust and washing the dishes must be done every day, etc.


  • Create a schedule. Let Sunday, for example, be a day for sanitising. Write down the rooms, which will be disinfected and separate the duties between both of you. Put the schedule somewhere where you will see it often – on the fridge, for instance. This will cause your roommate to feel a little more responsible and cleaning will be more organised and efficient.


  • Finally, tell him or her that it is up to you both to keep the place nice and cosy. So, when you have guests, they will feel comfortable. What is more, if you decide to move out one day, the end of lease cleaners Southampton will not experience many difficulties. You will be able to get your deposit back in no time.


Tell your roommate that you do not want to change his/her personality, because she/he could see it that way. You are fine with being a bit messy, but when it comes to hygiene, there should be no compromises!



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