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Unexpected pollutants in your home

The air in your home can be full of various harmful substances that your lungs take each day and they are forced to filter it to let you breathe. Check out these shocking facts:

  • Candles create an atmosphere filled with romance, but even a paraffin candle can damage your health. Paraffin candles release chemicals which can damage the liver and cause neurological problems. These candles emit black smoke that damages lungs and tissues of the heart. Replace candles with gentle electric light and avoid scented candles.

  • Printers not only help in the work, but also disperse microparticles of ink, paint and ozone, which act badly on our lungs. You can not dispose of the printer, but at least put it in a well ventilated area at home and during the time that it works, do not stay closer than three meters to it.

  • The dust, which can be found in the cleanest house contains pollen and a huge amount of flaking skin. This is a wonderful food for mites and other insects, and molds. Dust causes headaches and allergic reactions. To prevent this happening regularly, vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth all surfaces. Call professional carpet cleaners Southampton if you need help with your rugs.

  • Do not use sprays to clean the dust, since many of them contain flavorings, and they irritate the lungs. Regularly wash your bedding and pillows. This step is mandatory, no matter how soon your Southampton end of rental cleaning procedure will come.

  • It’s not a surprise, that shoes bring millions of germs and pollutants in your home. On the sidewalks there are a lot of dust, paint residues, animal wastes and all that sticks to your soles. So, before entering your home, clean the soles on a special mat.

Follow these simple steps and live in a cleaner and healthier home! It’s not so difficult, just a few rules.

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