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Rag that can change the way you clean your home

Rag that can change the way you clean your home

Are you sick and tired of buying tons of expensive, useless cleaning detergents that cannot clean the most stubborn stains around the house? You probably are. However you realize the importance of keeping your house spick and span, so you don’t spare time, money and efforts and do your best to keep the entire household in a perfect condition. Well, there is a solution to your cleaning issues. Have you already heard of the eight rags that can be used for cleaning every surface around the house without the usage of any chemicals? You just have to add some water.

  • The eight rags have different colours and they can be your irreplaceable assistant during your end of tenancy cleaning. Feel free to use them for cleaning glass, wood, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, common areas, etc in a completely environmentally-friendly way.

  • The rags are made of a special microfiber material, designed to catch even the smallest particles of dirt. In addition, they are said to eliminate 99% of the bacteria on every surface. No matter if you use them to clean and polish the wooden chair or use it for treating a stain before you call the rug cleaners Battersea, rest assured the end result will be excellent.

  • What makes the cleaning rags a great investment is the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and require little care. When they get dirty, you can just toss them into the washing machine. The best of all is that you can wash them about 300 times before they become unusable. However, you should not dry them in a dryer as this will create static power. Keep in mind, that ordinary rags can’t be used for upholstery cleaning Battersea.

Just imagine how much time and efforts you will save from cleaning, not to mention the money you will save up from buying cleaning detergents. No matter if you want to make your windows shinier than ever or remove the grease from the stove, rest assured the e-rags will not let you down.

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