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Why keeping your kitchen trash can clean is essential

Why keeping your kitchen trash can clean is essentialIt is well-known that the kitchen trash can is one of the dirtiest items around every house. Not only it is dirty but every time you open the lid to throw away something unpleasant odors may  occur, turning the kitchen in a nightmare for every diligent housewife. If your trash can is not well-kept it can accommodate a lot of germs and bacteria which will spread around your home. Read on and see how to clean your kitchen trash can properly.


  • First of all, you should empty the trash can and take it outside. Spray it generously using a hose in order to remove any dirt and food leftovers. After that pat it dry with a paper towel. Still, if you are not able to clean it outside, you can always wash your trash can in the shower. You can try this next time you take up to you domestic cleaning tasks.


  • The next step is to disinfect the trash can and get rid of the bad smell. For the disinfection you can use a regular all-purpose detergent. However, removing the unpleasant odour may be a hard task. Advice from end of tenancy cleaners is to spray generously your trash can with vinegar. It will absorb the smell for sure.


  • The last step is scrubbing. Make sure you will scrub properly all of the filthy spots with the help of a scrub-brush or an old tooth brush. After you are done with this task, rinse the trash can with the hose. You can wipe it with some towels till its dry or just let it dry naturally outside. Letting it air-dry in the sunlight will kill any left mold but be careful as it also may discolour your trash can.


Make sure that you add cleaning your trash can to the list with cleaning chores. You are recommended to do this about once a month in order to keep your trash can odor-free and fresh.


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