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How to find air leaks at home using a candle?

How to find air leaks at home using a candle?Usually we realise the importance of keeping our home air leaks-free when it’s too late – the heating bills have arrived and you are not happy with the amount you owe. Another possible still unpleasant situation – it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you woke up because you were freezing. In both cases, now you know one thing for sure – you should get rid of any air leaks at your home. Check your windows using a candle – read on to see how.


  • First of all, you should turn off your air conditioning or central heating . Doing that will help you to avoid any false drafts to affect the test you are making. It’s also advisable to make the inspection during the day.


  • Now light your candle and hold it close to the window frames. If you notice the flame is wiggling or     bending you have successfully found the air leak. Domestic cleaners advise you on being cautious with the candle as some wax drips may appear.


  • After discovering the weak spots in the window frame you should consider applying caulking. Experts in end of tenancy cleaning recommend before starting any repairing procedures to make sure the surface is clean. Properly clean your windows and ensure the area is dust-free. Better opt for an indoor latex that is non-toxic and a fiberglass insulation. After you got your supplies you should remove the window trim to fill the gaps in between the frame and the wall with the insulation. When you are done with this you can replace the trim and caulk the gaps between the wall and the window.


Not only air leaks make your room feel uncomfortable but they are resulting in higher heating bills. Before you start fixing the windows, find the leaks using a candle and the easy method above. Try this and feel the warmth of your home again!

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