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How to Keep Your Pet Busy while You Are Away for the Day

How to Keep Your Pet Busy while You Are Away for the DayEvery pet owner regards his or her cat or dog as a family member. We get worried when our furry friend is sick and when we are out of town for a couple of days, we keep calling the person we asked to take care of our pet just to make sure everything is alright. Admit is that when you are at work, you think of your pet and wonder what is he doing right now. He is probably up to yet another mischief or maybe he is soundly sleeping at his favourite spot on the sofa. If you want to make the home alone hours of your pet a bit more entertaining, here are a few tricks on how to keep it busy while you are at work.

  • As the saying goes, a tired pet is a well-behaving pet. In other words, if you spend some time playing with your pet before you leave the house, he will spend most part of the day relaxing. Take the dog for a long walk, play his favourite game. If you live in a rented house, do your best to keep the damages to the minimum. Of course, every pet owner knows that accidents happen, but don’t rely on the end of tenancy cleaning to fix the torn upholstery or remove the pet smell lingering around the house with a magic wand. If the house is yours, you have probably invested a huge amount of time and money to make it look presentable. Making your pet tired does not completely eliminate the risk of getting back home and seeing the living room turned upside down, but at least it is something.

  • Introduce a new toy. Every time you promise yourself that you will go to the pet store just to buy some food and every time you leave with a bag full of different treats and new toys. It goes without saying that you buy so much stuff because of your affection for your furry friend, but if you spend so much on toys, make sure they are “entertaining” ones. Ask the sales associate about those cubes that can be stuffed with treats and those treats can be taken out only if your cat/ dog finds the right hole. Interactive dog feeders are also an excellent alternative. Rest assured the dog  will be kept entertained for hours. You can also get a new toy your dog can chew. It will not only promote oral health, but will keep him busy, so the chance of chewing your pair of brand new expensive shoes is decreased.

  • Take your pet to a daycare or school for dogs. His absence from home will not only make your carpet cleaning easier, but it will also help him socialise. Nobody likes aggressive dogs that do not allow anyone, even their owner to pet them, right? The daycare centres employ professionals who know how to teach your dog different tricks through performing various activities. Don’t get surprised if your dog is not too playful when you get back home. The playtime at the daycare will probably make him tired. Check out the available daycare options in your area and make sure you leave your fur baby in safe hands.

  • Teach your pet to watch TV. That method works better with dogs as they have an excellent vision and are attentive to moving images. That idea would sound crazy to those who have never had a dog at home, but dog owners know that puppies are intelligent creatures. There is a good reason why people say that dog’s character traits pretty much resemble his owner’s.

  • If you have a cat, the TV trick might not help, but if you never let your cat outside, you can make a birdhouse right in front of the window. Despite being cute and innocent looking, cats are actually predators, so their hunting instincts are encouraged whenever they see a prey. They will be entertained all day long – that is guaranteed.

  • Even if you are low on free space, make sure you establish a fun zone area where your pet can relax and play with favourite toys. Hang toys on the door and window handles. Play “hide and seek” with your cat by placing treats on his favourite spots to sleep. A cat tree for climbing and scratching might spare your sofa from the cat’s paws.

Before you got a pet, you must have been aware of the fact that it is not just a fluffy toy to play with. It is pretty much a huge responsibility. If you cannot devote enough time to your pet, you can at least make sure he does not feel isolated and lonely by following some of the aforementioned tips.

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