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Invite Spring in your house – decorating tips for a flowery mood!

Invite Spring in your house – decorating tips for a flowery mood!Spring is here and now is the right time to start thinking about some colourful updates you can do to bring some freshness at home! There are a lot of ways to transform your home for more Spring-welcoming atmosphere – use colourful paint, bright accents and of course, fresh flowers! Read on and check these ideas – you will definitely find some inspiration to take up to a project that will get you in the mood for Spring!


  • As we already mentioned there’s no better way to celebrate Spring than adding fresh flowers and live plants around! Not only they look great and refreshing but they are also affordable and you will improve the indoor air quality by adding some plants at home! Plants are not necessarily difficult to take care of – there are easy-care ones such as some herbs. The best part is that they would look incredibly freshening in your home interior plus you can use them when you cook your favourite dishes. Don't forget to add a colourful bouquet to liven up your table in the living room! An interesting trick is to use plain jar for a vase – but where is the fascinating part? Add some food colouring in the water for a playful punch – cheap and simple way to bring more colours in your house!


  • Add colour to your walls! If you want to make your home more appealing and bright, you can start a little renovation DIY project! Spring shades are lilac, sky blue and other light pastel colours – choose one prime colour and one or two other shades for highlights. If you don't want to repaint the whole room, decide which wall you find most dull and dim and splash some colours there! There are so many tutorials on the Internet which will make the renovation project a piece of cake! However, if you don't feel crafty enough you can always book a renovation procedure – the professionals will do the job for you!


  • You might think that a renovation project is a big step for your home interior and we all know it takes serious commitment, time and money. There`s a solution for this problem – Spring can still be celebrated by adding vinyl stickers to your walls. Vinyl wall art is a popular way to give a custom and unique look to your interior without the commitment. Feel free to change your mind after a couple of months – there would be no hassle when you want to replace these flower vinyl stickers with some snowflakes or other piece of art – experiment with decals!


  • Spring is a great time for swapping out your bed linens. During the cold months most of the people usually use heavy and dark linens. But now it's time for a change! Invite the Spring in your bedroom – use lavender or lilac sheets instead of the ordinary white ones. The room will brighten up and will get you in the mood for warmer days. To enhance the feeling you can add some aroma candles in the same hue on your nightstand – romantic and fresh touch you will love! The same goes for the towels – if you use dark-coloured ones switch them for something brighter – to freshen the things even more you can apply a drop of lavender essential oil on them!


  • Don't forget that along with changing the interior you should perform a deep sanitising procedures – you know that spring cleaning is an essential part of greeting this lovely season! Wipe walls and ceilings, clean your windows, vacuum and clean your carpets and dust the surfaces – make your home spick and span!


  • As you now have few ideas for the interior, it's time to move outside of your house! Improve your patio – the first thing you can do and probably one of the easiest is to update the cushions – if they are stained or faded, replace them with a new set. If you don't want to spend extra pounds on this update you can consider creating your own patchwork cushions – they will be with unique design and creating some would be the perfect way to display your imagination. Involve your loved ones in this task – ask them for ideas and think of making cushions for every family member! Don’t forget that besides the sofa cleaning, you will need to maintain these cushions hygienic too. The same goes for the cushions in your living room – decide whether you will invest more time or more money and provide your home with colourful pillows to add cosy touch both inside and outside of your house!


  • Last but not least, now is the best time to complete your DIY projects you have started. Because most of them usually require spray painting, Winter is not the most convenient time to let the windows open or to do the project outside. Now as the weather is getting warmer, it is the best time to finish the design of your photo frames, to add colour to a bookcase or to make a chalkboard by applying chalk paint on one of your cabinet doors! Let the creativity out!


Spring is loved by many people – who doesn't enjoy the mild weather, birds singing and the Sun shining? To make this experience even more enchanting invite Spring in your home – you will see how a simple refreshing renovation project at home can freshen your mind and body, too!

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