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How to remove hair dye stains from almost everything

How to remove hair dye stains from almost everything

No matter how carefully you dye your hair and try not to make any messes, hair dye stains seem to appear every single time. The list of the 'threatened' surfaces is long – sinks, counter-tops, floors and walls. However, if you act immediately and use these proven techniques you will succeed in cleaning the mess and no one will ever know some hair dye spot was there. Be extra cautious when dealing with marble, granite or wood as if you don’t act right away these porous surfaces will absorb the stain. Read on and check our suggestions.


  • How to clean the stained stone, granite or marble? The most successful method is to make a paste using hydrogen peroxide and diatomaceous earth, which is used in gardening. Pour the peroxide into the latter – just a small amount until a thick paste is form. Before applying the paste make sure you clean the area with a soft cloth dipped in mineral water. Apply the paste on the stained area using a wooden spatula to form a thick layer. Make sure you spread the paste beyond the hair dye spot to prevent from expanding any further. Cover the paste with a plastic bag so it won’t dry too quickly. Remove the dried paste after few hours using the wooden spatula. Blot the stain with ammonia afterwards. If you are dealing with a really stubborn stain, repeat this task until it is gone. When you are done, rinse with mineral water.


  • How to get rid of a hair dye stain on your painted walls? Immediately after it appears spray it with some hairspray that contains alcohol in order to you keep it wet. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and soak the stain. After that wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Rubbing alcohol has some unexpected helpful uses when it comes to your house cleaning so always keep a bottle in handy. If still there’s a hue from the dye you can apply a layer of whitening toothpaste afterwards directly to the spot and wipe it with cloth dipped in warm water.


  • How to clean the hair dye from your porcelain, cast-iron or fiberglass? A regular all-purpose cleaning detergent should do the work but if it doesn’t turn out to be a successful mission, make a mixture of oxygen bleach with water. Use a soft cloth so you won’t scratch the surface and scrub the area. Rinse with warm water after that and repeat until the hair dye stain is gone.


  • How to remove the stain from your carpets and upholstery? For upholstery - make a mixture of cool water – 2 cups, a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar and a tablespoon of a liquid dish soap – stir until they are completely combined. Blot the stain area with a sponge dipped in the solution and let it sit for about half an hour. Meanwhile every 10 minutes blot the stain with a clean soft cloth with more of the mixture until it is gone. To clean your carpet use the same method but make the solution with warm water instead. If you can’t handle the stained area with it, try mixing a tablespoon of ammonia and liquid dish soap and repeat the process.


  • How to deal with the hair dye stain on your wood cabinets, counter-tops and floors? First of all, you should complete a little test to find out if the stain is superficial and it is just on the finish or it has gone in the wood itself. Apply a drop of water on the stained area and see what will happen. If the spot turns darker or you notice the water soaking in, the hair dye has penetrated in the wood. In this case cleaning is slightly harder as you will have to apply paint thinner or mineral spirits to blot the stain. The finish will come off as well but there’s no other way to clean the spot. Reapply the finish afterwards. If the stain is superficial, you will have to lightly sand the surface. Using appropriate sandpaper sand in the direction of the grain in order to remove the hair dye. Again, you will have to put a new layer of finish or paste wax over the area. If the stain is really stubborn you should take drastic measures – use a swimming pool bleach. Mix it with hot water until a solution is formed and apply gently to the stained surface. This should work right away. However, this solution may remove the colour from the wood as well so use it carefully and just as a last resort option. Otherwise, you will have to apply new colour and a layer of finish on the treated area.

Now you know how to take care of hair dye stains on different surfaces. Next time when you get yourself prettied up, make sure you have the needed ingredients so you can make a cleaning solution immediately and treat the area right away!

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