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What do you know about Aloe Arborescens?

Aloe genus includes about 350 species of plants, which originate from tropical areas of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Only two of them, however, have healing properties - Aloe Vera and tree aloe (Aloe arborescens). The first, unfortunately, is grown in difficult ambient conditions, since it lacks sunlight. Tree Aloe, however, is unpretentious.

  • Description. Under natural conditions the healing plant reaches four meters and resembles a tree, from where its name originates. When grown in indoor conditions, its height does not exceed one meter. It is also believed that the tree aloe blooms very rarely - once or twice in a hundred years. The truth is that under natural conditions it has color every year, but in temperate latitudes warmth and light lack. But anyway its greatest glory is not due to its flowering, but to its fleshy leaves, which contain the healing juice. Your carpet cleaners Leicester also know that.
  • Cares. Homeland of the tree aloe is African desert Karoo, where it’s famous for its resistance to drought. Note that when you grow your plant - it does not like frequent watering and humidity, especially in winter. It is not advisable also to be splashed, because the water that falls in the base of the leaves, often leads to decay. What wants your aloe is more sunlight. In winter, provide it the brightest place in your home and a temperature of about 12-13 ° C. If possible during the warm season take it out.
  • Soil and repotting. Always ensure good drainage of the pot, because the roots of aloe can easily rot from excessive moisture. Young plants need replanting each year, it is best that this is done in spring, and adults per 2-3 years.
  • Feeding up. Best suited for aloe is nourishing with mix for cacti. Fertilize the plant twice a month during the warm season (May to August).
  • Use for medicinal purposes. Healing substances in the juice are most concentrated in large, mature leaves longer than 15 cm. which are easily separated from the stem. The composition of the juice varies during different seasons - most healing properties aloe has in winter and spring. People also prepare sweet juice from aloe. Drink a glass of it and prepare for your deep end of tenancy cleaning Leicester!

What about you? Do you have aloe in your sweet home?




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