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Useful tips for small houses

Useful tips for small houses

In the big cities, small homes are common and more preferred by people. But how to deal with the limited space? Check out our tips for small houses:


  • Bet on the zoning of the property instead of the separation of the premises with walls and furniture. Open spaces create a feeling of more room and make the house visually bigger. You can separate the zones with colours, so you can achieve and spectacular scenery.


  • Make sure you have correctly used the space you have available. Many times the corners of the walls, the wall above the window or the door and some small niches remain unused. There you can place a convenient custom cabinet or bookshelf to provide more room for your belongings.


  • When the area is small, you may not distribute the decor and furniture always horizontally. Think about on how to use the high parts. Next time you run Mitcham domestic cleaning, look for those places.


  • Choose practical furniture – a couch for two, which is stretched, bedroom with cupboards under it; a stool, in which you can put a part of the rarely used items. It is also nice to look for furniture with curves –sharper lines visually ‘close’ the space. In this sense, the round or oval table is preferable compared to a rectangular one.


  • The fact that your house is small doesn't mean you should ignore the decor – you just have to be more careful with it. Use the interior textiles and colours to create more comfort. Choose always the bright palette for the lead but do not forget to include something in a darker colour as an accent. Although you will have to use carpet cleaning services Purley regularly, we think that a beautiful handmade rug may be a great addition to the overall picture.

Last but not least, keep tidy! When the house is clean, cozy, and well organized, it looks more spacious than any large, but messy home!  

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