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Top habits of highly organised people

One of the most important rules for success in your professional and personal life is being organised. Organised people are successful people. Organising is something you can do for yourself and this will pay you back in many aspects in your life. The benefits of staying organised  are countless and here are some of them:


  • You can keep the clutter away from your life;

  • You will be able to find thing you need quickly;

  • You can accomplish more while wasting less time;

  • You can be more productive and creative;

  • You can save time and money;

  • You can have more free time;

  • You will be more relaxed and less stressed;

Here are the most common habits of organised people. If you can adopt them, they will bring clarity and success in your life.


  • Write Everything Down - Instead of trying to memorise the new phone number of your friend, some appointment or even your weekly schedule, you can just write it down. Always carry a small notebook with you, so you will be able to record important things or new ideas throughout the day.

  • Follow a To-Do-List -Trying to do a lot of tasks at once can lead to chaos. So try to focus on one thing at a time. Order the items on your to-do list by their priority and start with the most important.

  • Take breaks - Taking a few minutes for a break or to get your space in order can help you be more productive.

  • De-clutter the living and working space - Get rid of the mess in your living place. The more your place is de-cluttered, the clearer your mind is. Toss all unnecessary things and put all in order. Make it part of your daily domestic cleaning routine.

  • Put everything in its place - Know the right place for every item in your home and store it there, so you will be able to find it when you need it.

  • Delegate - To be more productive in your work, delegate tasks to people who can get things done.

  • Stay positive - Avoid negative thoughts. Successful and organised people can work through any problem.

Organisation in your life makes sense if you want to have a clean home and office where you can find items you need in less time. Organisation can improve many aspects in your life.

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