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How to develop your intuition - smart hacks

How to develop your intuition - smart hacks

Do you trust your intuition or you rely on your mind only? The good news is that sixth sense can hardly be lost irretrievably. However if you decide to bring in intuition again in use, you need just a little patience and practice, and the results will soon be available. In fact, intuition, like any muscle in our body can be trained. And the more you train it, the better it will serve you. Check out these useful exercises:

  • Learn to switch off. Start with two minutes a day and gradually increase the time in which the brain will turn off and indulge in blissful relaxation. The time of solitude and relaxation is when we exclude the mind and free up space for unconscious emotions, free associations and intuition.

  • Imagine your favorite picture or experience and focus on your feelings at this time. Now replace the top picture with unpleasant memory or event. What physical sensations appear in your body? The more often you do this exercise, you will be surprised to note that the physical sensations in your body at such times repeat, they are not random and have their precise meaning. However, when it comes to upholstery cleaning Croydon, better find a reliable company. Apply rationality in this case!

  • Once you have mastered well the skill from above, you can test your intuition in some everyday situations. Relax your body and mind, and ask clearly, the question that excites you. Signals that your body gives you while you're relaxed and focused on the specific situation, are actually soft voice of intuition. The better you learn to recognize them, the better they will serve you in tense moments. You can meet your domestic cleaners Croydon at the front door and try to apply your intuition to learn the final results from the tidying up.

  • Another exercise that is recommended for developing intuition is simply trying to recognize the colors of a deck of playing cards. But not by guessing, but again focusing on the signals your body sends. After several months of regular practice of this "game", you will notice how your sensitivity is significantly more developed and can serve you in many more complicated situations.


So, what do you choose? Rationality or intuition?

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