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How to clean an ordinary home door?

It is highly possible for your door to be the most neglected and abandoned part of the house. Many housewives forget about the interior and exterior doors as elements of their cleaning checklist. Though, if you stop and think for a while, you will come out with the conclusion that the door brings and gathers most of bacteria at home. It needs deep disinfection and proper treatment to look stylish and beautiful just like furniture and windows do...How to clean an ordinary home door? Find out now!


How to clean an ordinary home door?


  • First of all, make a dissection of your door. See what materials it is made of. Adapt your cleaning approach to the general treatment requirements for each of the elements – baking soda for metal, oils for wood and distilled water for glass.

  • You can find a decent commercial detergents specially made for doors, but to tell you the truth, this is not necessary. You can actually use your universal house cleaning Derbyshire remedy to wash the door panels and to disinfect the door handles.

  • Be tedious with the slide doors that need some more efforts to be deeply sanitized. Move the door inch by inch till you see it shiny and hygienic again.

  • In case your interior door is made of wood – the most common alternative – you can try the floor sanding Derbyshire equipment you have at home. This is a very good idea for old and damaged by time doors.

  • No matter what detergent you will use, never start the cleaning process before dusting the door. Otherwise, you will wash a door for a whole day.

  • Use diluted remedies in case your door is painted or covered with additional patterns and decors to protect the design.

It`s just a door, but when being clean and welcoming it shows the best side of your house!

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