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How to clean a large apartment in 45 minutes?

We know what`s your biggest issue at home – the hygiene! The chaos is constant and the stains are eternal. And if you have already reconciled with this situation, better read our guides as to how to clean a large apartment in 45 minutes:



  • Have a checklist. Lack of any decent organization is a reason number one for an important and long-lasting task to fail. Besides, you will be faster, if you always know what's next in your daily sanitizing routines.

  • Get motivation for the purge. You can imagine that you are performing end of tenancy cleaning Derbyshire and your money depends on your final result. There is no way for you not to get faster and more efficient this way...

  • You've got 45 minutes, but it doesn`t mean it`s all on you! For example, chores like floor polishing Derbyshire might be done by your local cleaning specialists. This is a tough task and if you rely on experts, the effect will last longer and you will not have to wash the floor daily.

  • Clean as you go. While tidying up the mess, throw garbage, dust and make checks where the largest stains are.

  • Have a universal cleaning detergent. You will minimize the sanitizing time, if you stop switching from one cleanser to another commercial product. As a matter of fact, it is completely possible for you to refresh the furniture, disinfect the bathroom and remove stains from kid`s room with ordinary mixture of distilled water, dishwashing soap, few drops of white vinegar and some baking soda!

  • Divide the mess into minutes. Since you have 45 minutes, spend the necessary time for each of the chores. For instance, have 10 minutes for wiping the windows, 5 minutes for the dishes and etc...

Cleaning the flat in less than 45 is not a mission impossible. Besides, the more you try your strategy, the faster you will become!

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