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How dirty house reduces your working capacity?

At some point, there might be a reason in the saying: creative people live in chaos. OK, this might be so, but won't those creative people get some more efficient, if they establish some order? We cannot answer you this question, but we can definitely tell you how dirty house reduces your working capacity right now:


  • The chaos destructs. There is no doubt that if your desk is full of papers, clips, pencils and even nail polish, sunglasses, an old Snickers, lots of hair accessories and etc. will make you less concentrated...

  • If you get used to dirtiness, sudden stains like wine on carpet, mud on the furniture and etc. will be left just like that. What you'll have to do later is dealing with carpet cleaning London services and other similar experts. And you know that this is losing time by all means!

  • Dust reduces the air oxygen flow into the brain. So we can by all means conclude that you are not as smart as you usually are, when the area around you is not cleaned.

  • Bacteria are also bad for your overall health, which influences your working capacity more than anything else.

  • If you work from home and your home office is messy, the working capacity is reduced double...

  • Meanwhile, home-working people like freelancers usually have big scandals with spouses blaming them not sanitizing the house since they are constantly here...

  • A house cleaning company London can help you increase your working capacity by replacing you with different housekeeping chores and let you consider your future plans and goals at work.


On mandatory, keep the hygiene around you at a high level! Thus, your work will be much more effective!


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