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Bohemian fashion style

In the fashion bohemian style means individual, romantic and free-spirited style. Dressing bohemian style is a way to express yourself and connect with the nature. Bohemian fashion style has funky and exotic elements, it’s a mix of casual, hippie, ethnic and vintage styles. Here you will find tips on how to achieve a modern and chic boho style. With the right combination you can achieve a chic boho style and look stunning and so feminine.



One of the basic principles of Bohemian style is layering. You can create a casual bohemian style look by layering a basic top with a cardigan and a paisley shawl on top of it. Add jewelry and a chic bag.

When it comes to layering you should be aware not to put too many or too long layers, especially if you are short by nature. Avoid long layers, because they will make you look smaller.


Earthy colours

Colours are important element in boho style. Typical boho colours are the warm colours like khaki, brown, cream white, and olive green, so focus on them as your main colour palette.  You can combine them with grays, gold, silver, dark red, deep purple and other vibrant colours. Don’t forget to keep the colour combinations with up to max 3-4 colours. Some of these colours might not suit everyone, so it’s good to use neutrals to adjust the colours.

The bohemian fashion is inspired by the 60s and 70s, so you can use in your styling floral dresses and skirts, laces, leather bags.



Bohemian fashion is influenced by ethnic elements, so add some African prints, Indian bangle bracelet, large gold jewelry to your boho outfit.




Add some affordable accessories and details to achieve the ultimate boho look. You can use ethnic embroidered scarf, layered necklace, multiple bracelets and so on.


Boho style in home interior

Boho style is used not only in fashion, but also in home interior. You can add some boho elements like dream catchers, lanterns, a lot of plants in every room. A vintage rug and vivid wallpapers will also bring the bohemian style in your home. Have in mind that some items will need special cares, for example your vintage rug will need special carpet cleaning once in a while.

One of the important things is to always personalise your look to make it more you. So don’t hesitate to combine your own style with some boho elements, you will achieve a chic boho look that suits you best. More inspiration and boho fashion ideas you can find in Pinterest.

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